Dog of the Month: Cecilia the Siberian Husky

Meet Cecilia. I only had maybe a minute’s exposure, but in that minute she completely swept me off my feet. I firmly believe that if I had been lucky enough to adopt this pup, my life (and, of course, Autumn’s) would be changed forever. Full of a lot more warm summer days, a lot more goofing off, a lot less stressing out. A life with the same problems, I’m sure… but maybe a life with less worrying about those problems, and more appreciating what we’ve got.

So, to the woman I found walking this dog: congratulations. You seemed to know what a special dog you had. I hope you two have a long and happy time together.

Two more pictures after the break.

Goofy husky

I didn’t write this down, so I’m just depending on my fallible memory, but I think I heard that Cecilia is two years old.

Goofy husky

She seemed petite to me, for a husky. However, that might just have been my perception: this picture makes her look around 20 inches high at the withers, which is well within normal range.

Goofy husky head

Someone wandered by while I was admiring her and started shouting about how she was ‘really close to a wolf!’ Not sure what his point was, since he didn’t seem particularly upset or scared, nor, for that matter, happy. But for me, that’s a selling point. Wolves are amazing.

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