Dog of the Day: A Golden Passenger

Saw this pup going by, and I thought, damn, not going to have time to get out the good camera. Nabbed a shot with my iPhone, and then saw that there was a traffic hold-up a couple blocks up, so I ran a block along the street until the car got caught in the traffic and then dug out my better camera and got a couple good shots.

I am a slave to my art. Pity me!

Or, y’know, don’t. 🙂

Happy Golden Retriever In The Back Seat Of A Car

Polk Street is such a great place for dog-watching.

Happy Golden Retriever In The Back Seat Of A Car

The pup saw me running after the car and taking pictures, and the thought process was obvious: ‘Oh look! That guy likes me, and he likes chasing cars, and I like chasing cars too! Yay! Hi! Will you be my friend?’ She smiled at me until the car drove away. SO. CUTE.

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