Double Dog Day: Loki and Harley the Siberian Huskies

Ran into these two one morning on my way to work. Dad was in a little restaurant grabbing something to eat, and they were shamelessly accosting passers-by and soliciting cuddles. I, of course, was completely unable to resist.

Two Silver-And-White Siberian Huskies Tied To A Parking Meter

Harley has a very piercing stare, but Loki has got the greatest ‘hi there!’ expression I’ve seen in quite a while.

Silver-and-White Siberian Husky With A Blissful Expression

Loki (6, male) is SUCH a ham. The expression is hard to see because of the tire behind him, but look close.

Silver-and-White Siberian Husky Looking Off Into The Distance

Harley (8, female) has got the pinkest nose-stripe I’ve ever seen. And she’s also a total sweetie.

Two Silver-And-White Siberian Huskies Tied To A Parking Meter

When I walked away from these two, Harley started staring fixedly at me, but Loki started howling. Mournfully. It worked perfectly: I felt like a total heel for not just parking myself there for the next hour and petting them.

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