Dog of the Day: Rudy the Jack Russell Terrier Mix Puppy

First, I want to give a quick apology to Kaci, a husky/samoyed mix I ran into in September. I really wanted to post her, because she’s gorgeously floofy, and I ran into her in a lovely courtyard on the grounds of Grace Cathedral, and because I told her dad I would. Unfortunately, it turned out to be too dark, and all of my pictures were too blurry. Sorry Kaci!

Second, meet Rudy, the 9-month-old Jack Russell mix. Rudy moved a lot faster than Kaci, but I ran into him during the day, so things worked out a little better.

Jack Russell Terrier Mix Looking Happily Over His Shoulder

To save you some eyestrain: the tag on his collar says ‘stud muffin’.

Jack Russell Terrier Mix Looking Manic With One Ear Down And One Ear Up

One ear flopped!

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