Double Dog Day: Jake the Old English Sheepdog and Finn the Jack Russell Terrier Puppy

Ran into these two outside the Bell Tower, a common spot for dog sightings. Their owner had an interesting story about Finn (11 months), who is a recent rescue and rather skittish still: it seems he was rescued ‘by ultimatum’. I don’t have all the details, but as best I can recall, they called her up to come take a look at him, and when she got there they told her he had some behavioral problems and that they were just going to have to euthanize him if she didn’t take him. Harsh! Fortunately, she was willing, and she’s slowly winning him over. (Jake is 7-ish and is a big old softie who loves everyone, including Finn, so that helps.)

Sounds like Finn has a lot to be thankful for, although from what his owner said, she has a lot to be thankful to her pups for, too. How about all you dog lovers out there… have any animals you’re thankful for?

Grey And White Old English Sheepdog Looking Happy

Big goofy muppet dog face.

Jack Russell Terrier Looking Dubious

Skittish, yes. Finn was quite hard to get a picture of.

Grey And White Olde English Sheepdog Looking Up

Magnificently floofy.

Grey And White Old English Sheepdog Looking Up At Woman

They have obviously been a team for a good (happy) long time.

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