Dog of the Day: Jessie the Black-Mouthed Cur Puppy

A new breed for our blog. It’s funny: I ran into Jessie (6 months old) on the 16th, the first black-mouthed cur that I’d ever run into, let alone photographed, in the five years I’ve been running this blog, and then eleven days later, in a totally different location, I ran into my second black-mouthed cur puppy ever. (I’ll be posting that one tomorrow.) Funny how these things happen.

NB: I have no idea what sparked the hovertext for Jessie. She was a total sweetheart who was just interested in distributing smooches with absolutely no attitude whatsoever. But my brain does funny things sometimes, and now it can’t see her any other way but with a heaping helping of Gloria Gaynor.

Black-Mouth Cur Puppy

Jessie is an absolute dream to photograph.

Black-Mouth Cur Puppy

She wasn’t totally hyperactive and blurrily wiggly, but she was ALWAYS doing something new.

Black-Mouth Cur Puppy Gazing Longingly

Aww. Plaintive look.

Black-Mouth Cur Puppy Dancing

Dance break!

Black-Mouth Cur Puppy Staring Into The Camera

Some dogs are interested in the camera, and some aren’t. She definitely was.

Black-Mouth Cur Puppy Batting At The Camera With Her Paw

I really like this, I need to do something with it. Suggestions? Caption? Tee shirt? Poster?

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One Response to Dog of the Day: Jessie the Black-Mouthed Cur Puppy

  1. Sandy says:

    GG’s lyrics just fit in with the pictures so well, especially the sad look on my face line. Love the last picture – it just says ‘talk to the paw” to me, but Jessie seems to deserve a friendlier caption since she is a friendly dog! p.s. I looked up the breed. I learn something new everyday. Thanks!

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