Dog of the Day: Bully the French Bulldog and Oliver the Dachshund

I ran into these two in the airport a week ago. Bully is six months old, and is anything but a bully, and Oliver is a goofy 1-year-old. They’d never met before but they were great friends by the time we all boarded the plane.

Tan Miniature Dachshund Sniffing French Bulldog Puppy's Crotch

A very canine greeting. I love the expression.

Tan Dachshund

Down dachshund. This is just after his playmate had to get in line for the plane.

Black And White French Bulldog Puppy Tilting His Head

I made a few funny noises and Bully gave me the adorable puppy head-tilt. “Baroo?”

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