Dog of the Day: Unimpressed Airedale Terrier

One of the dogs of SF that keeps me honest. This guy was sitting in the doorway of one of the shops on Valencia Street, and I stopped and took a few pictures of him as I was passing by. Then I reached out to say hello/let him sniff me, and he gave a little exasperated ‘huff!’ and got up and walked into the shop. The woman who was working there said, “That’s funny, he [or she, I forget] never usually does that.”

Fuzzy Airedale Terrier In A Store Doorway

I’m pretty sure that’s an Airedale, just with some impressively long fur.

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9 Responses to Dog of the Day: Unimpressed Airedale Terrier

  1. Jacquelyn Sells says:

    Someone please give that poor dog a haircut and brushing. I doubt he can see out from under all that hair and I can only imagine how many mats have been created by the long, curly hair. Poor thing.

  2. sue winnett says:

    This dog must be so uncomfortable, looks like he needs a really good stripping and or clipping. No excuses for leaving your ”mate” in this state.

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