Caturday Supplement: Macy’s Kitten

Sometimes I wander into Macy’s while they’re having their puppies and kittens display outside. There’s a room inside that has a bunch of kittens in KITTY JAILS where you can get a little closer to the action, although they aren’t quite as holiday-festive.

Grey Tiger Tabby Kitten Sleeping

Look at those toes. Teeny kitten toe niblets.

Grey Tiger Tabby Kitten Standing Over Toy Mouse

This kitty was quite playful but had not quite learned to put away the claws and teeth when playing with humans.

Grey Tiger Tabby Kitten Standing Over Toy Mouse

Too bad, too… I totally wanted to pet him.

Grey Tiger Tabby Kitten Looking At Camera

Cat expressions are hard for humans to read. Half-closed eyes like this mean ‘I don’t think of you as a threat’ or even ‘maybe we should be friends?’

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