Double Dog Day: Nikita and Sandy, a Pair of Pits

A couple of American Pit Bull Terriers for you today. Two sweeties. And dammit, I forgot to ask their names. Oh well. [Edit: hooray, their mom found the blog and told me their names: Nikita and Sandy.]

Another picture, after the break.

Two American pit bull terriers

These two weren't just sweeties, they were also remarkably well-trained. They responded individually to commands after their names, and responded quickly and completely.

Two sitting American pit bull terriers

Two 'sit' commands, and boom. Those collars make me uncomfortable, though... I have no idea how unpleasant they are to wear, but they LOOK horrid.

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3 Responses to Double Dog Day: Nikita and Sandy, a Pair of Pits

  1. Andrea says:

    Those two beauties are Nikita and Sandy. Yes – the collars look fierce, but they don’t hurt them and they are great for training and keeping them from pulling when walking. They don’t wear them every day!

    Thanks for posting my girls!

  2. Adam Lang says:

    I’m so glad SF hasn’t made any progress on efforts to ban pit bulls… they’re such great dogs, 99% of the time.

    In fact, I bet there’s a larger percentage of human troublemakers in the population than there are pit bull troublemakers. I think it’d be a lot more productive to ban humans from SF.

    Thanks for commenting, and glad you enjoyed the pictures!

  3. Jennifer Wagman says:

    Best dogs ever, besides some little jack russell back here in York, Pa

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