Dog of the Day: Rajko the Rhodesian Ridgeback/Gordon Setter

Neither Autumn nor I would ever have guessed that this guy was half Gordon setter, but apparently he is. Gordon setters are big super-long-haired dogs, none of which have been posted on DoSF. There’s one we see on a regular basis, but he’s always in a dog grooming store, and it’s so tough to get a decent picture through the glass.

Anyway, doesn’t this guy look powerfully built? Far as I know, neither Gordon setters nor ridgebacks are generally that muscular. Y’gotta wonder… maybe a pit bull snuck in while the Gordon setter was out for a walk one day.

One more (somewhat blurry) picture after the break.

Rhodesian ridgeback/Gordon setter mix

The ears were super-soft. And he didn't seem to mind me petting them.

Rhodesian ridgeback/Gordon setter mix

Like I said... muscular. God, he was only a medium-large dog, but I bet he weighed 130 pounds or more.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Rajko the Rhodesian Ridgeback/Gordon Setter

  1. Marianne says:

    For 12 years my husband and I had this same breed mix. The Rhodesians are a muscular breed very powerful. While the Gordon Setter not so much. This is one of the best behaved dogs out there if you were interested in getting one. Hope this helps. Thanks for posting pics. We miss Gracie very much.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Wow, really? That’s such an amazingly unusual mix. If Rajko is a good example, it’s a great mix: super sweet and patient, and not too terribly much shedding.

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