Dog of the Day: Lulu the Boxer

Some brindling I can take or leave, but coloration like Lulu’s is just so gorgeous.

Brindle And White Boxer Licking Her Nose

Today I inaugurate a new tag on my blog: dog tongue. For pictures with significant usage of dog tongues. Congrats, Lulu, on being the first representative!

Brindle And White Boxer Glancing Sidelong At The Camera

Despite a minute or so of trying, Lulu was unwilling to give me more than the barest hint of side-eye. Dad was snapping and waving his hands and so forth, and I walked back and forth, and she kept turning her head away.

Brindle And White Boxer Looking Plaintively At The Camera

And then, when I turned to go and looked back, she was giving me the ‘hey, weren’t you going to pet me some more?’ look.

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