Dog of the Day: Dilla the Boxer Mix

[Okay, this is strange. I had this set up to post last night, and it just… didn’t. Don’t know what the deal was. But since I’m adding text anyway: posting may be erratic for the next few days. I am going on vacation. I was going to queue up the posts for the days I’d be gone, but I’ve also been sick, so I spent that time sleeping instead. If there’s WiFi on the plane I’ll do some posts there, otherwise I may or may not get to them. Sorry ’bout that.]

Anyway, on to today’s dog. I am pretty convinced that Dilla is half boxer, but I can’t place the other half. Maybe something light and fairly big, with a long pointy muzzle… greyhound, borzoi (probably not: wrong fur), or saluki (probably not: wrong ears). I know there are other similar dogs, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

Also: neat collar. You can see it in some of the pictures: it has ‘Dilla’ embroidered onto it.

Five more pictures, after the break.

Boxer mix

Autumn calls those 'airplane ears'... half or more up, but with the tips flopped down.

Boxer mix

Aww. Dog-grin. And, as I said, awesome collar. Wonder where you get something like that?

Boxer mix

Short attention span doggie for the win!

Boxer mix

In SF, amazingly enough, they're actually considering laws against people sitting on the sidewalk. It seems people hate being forced to walk around other people. Nobody seems to mind being forced to walk around Della, though.

Boxer mix

I would have assumed from the name that Dilla was female, but, er, I guess not?

Boxer mix

Mischievous puppy expression. Dilla seems like a real handful.

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3 Responses to Dog of the Day: Dilla the Boxer Mix

  1. Autumn says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw this cutie, was “basenji.’ But I didn’t get to hear her bark, or lack of bark, so I don’t know.

  2. wissam farhat says:

    Hi There, were you able to identify the breed mix? I have exactly the same puppy and i am interested to know.

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