Sunday Switchup: Wildflowers of Alameda

(Maybe I can get Anne to weigh in on just what these things are, because I have no idea on any of them except I’m pretty sure one of them is some kind of thistle, and the one with the bee butt in it is California poppy.)

Well, I was cat-sitting in Alameda last weekend, and I walked from the ferry to the house and back, because it was a nice walk so why not? A good chunk of the walk was along a fence, some of which had a retired military base on the other side of it, and also some rather nice wildflowers. I’m sure that I could say something profound and philosophical here, but it’s Sunday night and I’m tired and so how about “Oooh pretty flowers!” instead?

Edit: Added another picture of the first one, by popular demand.

Purple Wildflower

Lots of purples. Mostly purples, in fact.

Three California Poppies, One With A Bee Inside

These are the California poppies. And that’s the bee butt.

Purple Thistle Flower In Chain-Link Fence

Thith ith the thithle! I kind of like this picture.

Teeny Purple Wildflowers

No idea. They almost look like teeny tiny insects.

Hand Holding Purple Wildflowers

And these guys kind of look like little peppers.

Hand Holding Purple Wildflowers

A closer look. No, I didn’t pick them, they’re still attached.

Purple Flower

A slightly different angle, by popular demand.

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2 Responses to Sunday Switchup: Wildflowers of Alameda

  1. Anne says:

    The “tiny insects” are _Fumaria_, a fumitory. It’s in the Poppy Family, and a non-native. The “tiny peppers” are flowers of a vetch of some sort; Pea family.

    You are right on the thistle (probably Russian thistle) and the California poppy. My guess on the purple one is that its in the Malvaceae family (Mallow/Hibiscus family); I’d love a different angle of it…

    • Adam Lang says:

      Added another, it’s the closest to another angle that I’ve got. Not MUCH different, but hey, I tried.

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