Dog of the Day: Sadie the Golden Retriever

Sadie is fifteen and a half years old! She’s really skinny, because she doesn’t like her kidney-friendly dog food very much, but I gather her weight has evened out, so that’s good. And she’s still getting around just fine, and you can tell just from the pictures that she’s still a super-happy dog. I only took a few pictures of her because she walked over to me and leaned her head down and pressed the top of it firmly against my thigh and leaned until I started petting her. And after that it was kind of hard to stop.

Senior Golden Retriever Looking Plaintive

I love those coy looks, and golden retrievers seem to be masters of them.

Senior Golden Retriever Smiling


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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Sadie the Golden Retriever

  1. Sandy says:

    Sadie is absolutely beautiful (and does not look her age at all)! If she did that lean in thing with me, I might’ve started to cry because that is so sweet.

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