Double Dog Day: Ashley and Abbe the Border Collie Mixes

In keeping with the theme from yesterday, I present you two pups I ran into a couple weeks ago: Abbe, a five-year-old border collie/something-or-other mix, and Ashley. Ashley is a border collie mix too, though it’s kind of hard to tell. And apparently the DNA test agrees with my first impression, and she’s also at least part keeshond. And Ashley is healthy and happy and nearly twenty years old. And still likes to go on hikes!

Twenty-Year-Old Keeshond Border Collie Mix Standing

Apparently her fur has always been like that… her head is double-coat, but her body is missing the guard hairs and only has the undercoat. Consequently, she has puppy-soft fur on her body.

Twenty-Year-Old Keeshond Border Collie Mix Sitting And Looking At The Camera

Such a gorgeous face… and those eyes!

Photographer Petting Twenty-Year-Old Keeshond Border Collie Mix

They’d had Ashley since she was a few months old. How lucky do you have to be to have such a wonderful dog for twenty years?

Black Border Collie Mix With White Forepaws

This is Abbe. I feel bad about not getting more pictures of her, especially with those gorgeous white socks.

Twenty-Year-Old Keeshond Border Collie Mix Relaxing On Wooden Deck In Front Of California Coastal View

This and the next one are pictures that were sent to me by Ashley’s family. If I had to guess, I’d say this was on the California coast, somewhere north of San Francisco.

Twenty-Year-Old Keeshond Border Collie Mix Sticking Her Head Out The Window Of A Car

I can tell someone is absolutely no trouble at all when it comes to car rides.

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5 Responses to Double Dog Day: Ashley and Abbe the Border Collie Mixes

  1. Katherine Wilson says:

    So this is a long shot given how old this post is. But as a kid my family had a Mutt(TM) and we’ve always wondered what went into her. I found this post a couple days ago and was astonished at how much Ashley looks like our dog did! You wrote that they did a DNA test, and I was wondering if you were told if there was something else in her other than border collie or keeshond? Or if you have contact info… though I understand not wanting to give that out.

    • Adam Lang says:

      Stay tuned…

      Oh, and while you’re staying tuned, are there any pictures of your pup online? If so, please post them in a comment here. Maybe Autumn or I can come up with some theories in the mean time?

      • Katherine Wilson says:

        Here you go! At least, I hope. I’ve never used imgur before.
        As you can see Zoe was brown, but the face is so similar. We’re up in Alaska, so some husky ancestry is highly likely. And given her behavior, some sort of farm dog. She was very good about guarding our chickens and keeping bears away, and it wasn’t until she was getting on in years that she was okay being inside. She hunted like a fox – the bouncing up and pouncing – and was good enough at it that she caught a squirrel once.

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