Dog of the Day: Hudson the Leonberger

I was walking down Polk Street by Wags (an awesome ‘dog wash’ near my home) a week ago and I looked in, and I thought, ‘Wow, is that a Leonberger?’ I snapped a couple of pictures through the window, wishing I’d been lucky enough to run into him when he got there, and wandered off.

Several hours later, I was walking down another section of Polk Street, and who should I spot but that same dog, who turns out to be named Hudson and to be 7 months old. Yes, that giant bundle of fur, drool, and love is still a puppy.

Giant Gaggle Of Dogs In A Dog Wash

That’s him, of course, with the tongue. Also shown: three golden retrievers, a standard poodle, a border collie (mix?), some kind of hound, and, peeking in from the back, a Berner.

Leonberger Standing And Smiling

Their faces are so neat. It looks like he dipped his into a pot of India ink.

Leonberger Standing And Looking Intently At Something Out Of Camera View

Something has captured Hudson’s full attention.

Leonberger Sitting And Staring At A Spoon

Yes, that’s a spoonful of vanilla ice cream, one of Hudson’s favorites.

Sitting Leonberger Stretching Forward To Try To Sniff Green Plastic Spoon

Yes, poor Hudson did eventually get the ice cream. Yay!

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