Dog of the Day: Wilhelmina the Repeat Customer Italian Greyhound Puppy

We last saw Wilhelmina in February — on, in fact, the day after my birthday — when she was just about the most ridiculously adorable thing possible, with the goofiest ears. (Her hovertext was pretty good too, if I do say so myself.) Well, I took these pictures in April, when she was six months old as opposed to the 13 weeks in the previous pictures, and I didn’t even recognize her… she more than doubled in size over the course of those three months, and looks like an almost-full-grown (-but-still-adorable) Italian greyhound now.

Tan And White Italian Greyhound Standing With Her Paws Against A Woman's Leg

Italian greyhounds are the most delicate-looking dogs, I think. But boy are they quick.

Italian Greyhound Being Held And Looking Peeved

I am reminded of Kermit the Frog’s disgruntled expression.

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