Dog of the Day: Rue the Ibizan Hound

Another first for this blog: an Ibizan hound. In appearance, at least, these guys are said to look like the dogs in ancient Egyptian friezes, and I can certainly see the resemblance.

Another picture, after the break. I took thirty pictures of Rue. Two of them turned out okayish. Bah.

[Edit: Turns out it’s ‘Rue’, and not ‘Roo’. Who knew?]

Ibizan Hound

Look at that face. Ibizan hounds apparently always look a little worried, or sad. And look at the tail, which is tucked so far down that it resembles... er... something else. Rue does seem a little worried, or at least cowed.

Ibizan Hound

Even sadder-looking in this pic. Despite the tail, Rue didn't seem all that scared or submissive. I dunno, somewhat of a mixed message, body-language-wise.

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