Caturday Supplement: North Beach Kitties

I haven’t been seeing much of Autumn lately: she’s pretty much working full time on her Pup Scouts job during the day, and spending her nights dogsitting, both for direct clients and through DogVacay. I managed to ambush her last weekend and drag her off for dinner not far from the place she was currently dog-sitting. After dinner, she said, “Oh, I have to show you something,” and led me down a couple of streets and around a corner and there was this little adorable tableau.

Two Cats Sleeping In A Window, One In A Hammock

If I ever get pets I am going to make up a window like this that they can sleep in. So cute!

Cat Sleeping In A Hammock Lined With Corrugated Cardboard

That is… a cardboard-box-lined hammock. I cannot imagine a more cat-attractive sleeping arrangement.

It reassures me that cats still have furrier ears than I do.

It reassures me that cats still have furrier ears than I do.

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  1. Anne says:

    As soon as we are somewhere that it is possible, we are making Mali a catio so she can enjoy the out-of-doors at her choice. For now, she takes clothes left on the dresser as an invitation to sleep in the sunbeams there, or goes out on the deck when we can keep an eye on her. AS I type this though, nothing is as compelling as the garage, the door to which she is crying at plaintively.

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