Dog of the Day: Baobao the Repeat Customer Pomeranian

I was walking through Berkeley a few weeks ago, supposedly meeting someone who was going to sell me a car but they didn’t bother to show up. While I was trying to find an internet cafe where I could regroup and start looking for more craigslist car ads, I happened to walk by the little pack-and-ship place where I met Baobao two years ago. And lo and behold, he was there again, being even more adorable. This time he even let me get near him.

A Pomeranian makes a perfect store dog: just the right size to curl up on the counter, and happy and friendly to everyone (as many small dogs may not be.)

Brown Pomeranian Looking Happy

His favorite perch. He makes a great greeter.

Smiling Brown Pomeranian Face

Adorable smiley little foxy-face.

Brown Pomeranian Looking Ecstatic as Someone Pets Him

It’s the simple things that make a good dog happy.

Brown Pomeranian Curled Up On A Countertop

He also has the enviable ability to relax at a second’s notice.

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