Dog of the Day: Buster the Beautiful Boxer

I had a request for a boxer a couple of weeks back, and went through all my back catalog and discovered that I had posted every single boxer I’d ever taken pictures of. Well, I make no apologies… they’re pretty nifty dogs. So I went out to several dog parks and two San Francisco street fairs looking for boxers. And had no success. I finally had to report a failure.

Well, until last Friday, when I ran across Buster in one of my usual haunts, on my way to work one morning. So here, this one’s for you, Nate.

Parti-color Brown White And Black Boxer With Black Spot Over One Eye

I find it so funny how some dogs, boxers in particular, often have black spotty skin, but not the fur over it.

Parti-color Brown White And Black Boxer With Black Spot Over One Eye And A Plaintive Expression

Aww! (Incidentally, those ears aren’t cropped, they just lay back kind of funkily.)

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4 Responses to Dog of the Day: Buster the Beautiful Boxer

  1. Elaine Rhodes says:

    Hi Adam,
    Did you ever find out about the results of your sleep study? Did they come up with ideas for something to help? Puppies say Hi (and the humans too!) Cats are too busy sleeping. Elaine

  2. Adam Lang says:

    A doctor up at the sleep center emailed me a couple of the results but the actual sleep doctor I have hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

    The respiratory doctor (different guy, an ENT) had me on a couple medications and a strict regimen of washing out my head (i.e. sinuses) but that did nothing. I’m back on sudafed, which means that for the next three weeks or so I’m going to be able to sleep okay-ish (I’ve been waking up three or four times a night but at least getting a decent amount of sleep even with that) but then it’ll stop working and I will have to go without sleep for two weeks.

    Hopefully before then I’ll be seeing the ENT again, and I suspect he’s going to recommend sticking red hot wires into my sinuses. AKA nasal turbinate reduction by cautery. If it will let me sleep I’m all for it at this point.

  3. Pam Hommeyer says:

    Buster is the man!

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