Double Dog Day: Charlotte and Lola the French Bulldogs

When I first ran across these two pups they were tied to a parking meter and making threatening noises at all the dogs that went by. I walked into the restaurant and came back out again ten minutes later and they were seated comfortably at one of the outdoor tables, with mom, and… still making threatening noises at all the dogs that went by. Mom explained that they were recent arrivals to the city, and wondered if I knew any animal behavior and training experts in the Bay Area. Seems that they adore people, but are quite unhappy when there are other dogs around.

And I realized that no, I actually don’t know any. I’ve met two, but they have both since moved away. Anyone?

Tan French Bulldog And Black And White French Bulldog Tied To Parking Meter

Lola is the blond. I am assured it’s entirely natural.

Black And White French Bulldog

Looking at that face, it’s hard to believe that the two of them were ready to take on a 100-pound mixed breed that wandered by.

Tan French Bulldog Looking Disgruntled

I’m just glad I didn’t smell too much like a dog that day!

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