Dog of the Day: Hurley the Golden Retriever Puppy In A Hat

So I was playing photo scavenger hunt last weekend friend-of-the-blog and frequent bird-clarifier Tommaso’s birthday last weekend, and got several useful dog pictures out of the bargain. For this one, I walked up to a woman with an adorable golden retriever puppy and asked, “Excuse me, do you mind if I take some pictures of your dog wearing my hat?”

It transpired that she did not. Nor, after a very brief investigative nibble, did Hurley.

Young English Cream Golden Retriever Having A Flat Cap Put On His Head

He did nab it out of mom’s hand once, but fortunately goldens have soft mouths, and he didn’t choose to try to play tug-of-war.

Woman Putting Leather Flat Cap On Young English Cream Golden Retriever

That face. Let’s have a close-up…

Young English Cream Golden Retriever Wearing A Leather Flat Cap

Man. He looks better in it than I do.

Woman And Young English Cream Golden Retriever Wearing A Brown Leather Flat Cap

By the way, I did no photo manipulation, aside from cropping. Her top seems to have somehow defeated my iPhone camera’s sensor all by itself.

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