Double Dog Day: Corgi Chow Mix And Chihuahua

Stubby little legs? Check! Plush blond fur? Check! Off-pink tongue? Check! Hilariously mischievous expression? Double-check! Methinks I spy a corgi chow!

I love the changes of expression, while in the background his little friend derps happily to himself.

Chihuahua And Corgi Chow Mix Grinning

Could also be a Lab mix, but the fully ‘up’ ears and that odd cast to the tongue argue against it.

Chihuahua And Corgi Chow Mix Grinning

Some dogs just have it. I took a total of five pictures of this pair, and I used three of them. Those expressions.

Chihuahua And Corgi Chow Mix Grinning Mischievously

There’s some corgi attitude for you. “Would you trust this dog?”

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