Dog of the Day: Aviana the Dog-In-A-Bag

I spent a shockingly small amount of Tuesday in the last remaining post office in San Francisco that issues passports. Seriously: I walked in, talked to one person, got half of it done, talked to another person, got the other half done, talked to a third person, got it all paid for, and walked out, in under half an hour. And that’s counting the fact that I goofed on my application and they had to help me fix it. I am always pleasantly surprised when I have to deal with any large organization and things go smoothly, but this was a model of efficiency, made even more surprising by the huge budget cuts being forced on the USPS. Keep doing what you’re doing, guys!

So, uh, there was a dog involved somewhere here, right? Oh! Right, Aviana, the dog-in-a-bag Chihuahua! Right as I was leaving the post office, Aviana and her human were walking in, so I had to take a quick moment to snap a few shots. Sweet pup, 11 years old, very well-behaved and friendly.

Chihuahua In A Leather Purse

She definitely makes a cute, if somewhat derpy, dog-in-a-bag.

Derpy-Looking Chihuahua In A Leather Sack

Oops, sorry Aviana, I didn’t mean it. You’re not derpy at all. Not even a little bit.

Derpy-Looking Chihuahua In A Leather Purse Sticking Out Her Tongue

…well, okay, maybe a little bit. 🙂

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