Dog of the Day: Seva the Korean Jindo

Seva (3 years old, and a rescue) was reeeeeally not happy to meet me. Apparently that is her typical attitude towards strangers, but I sometimes get lucky and hit it off with the shy ones. Not Seva. Her mom said, “If you knew her last year, you’d know that this is great progress. She’s relatively calm as long as you stay ten feet away, now.” Well then.

(Incidentally, does anyone else think that she looks an awful lot like a larger cousin of the doge?)

(Also incidentally, if I’ve taken pictures of your pup and haven’t posted them yet, drop a comment in one of my other posts and remind me!)

Korean Jindo Dog Being Very Very Submissive

Classic signaling… tail tucked as hard as she can, not looking directly at me but trying to keep me in vision. Ears are hard to tell from this angle but they’re held outward. She’s submitting as hard as she can, poor thing.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Seva the Korean Jindo

  1. Tracy says:

    I hope to run into you again. She is so friendly now, you wouldn’t believe she’s the same dog ?

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