Dog of the Day: Blue Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi

I had a dog I wanted to post today, but I’m having some issues with the new ‘live photos‘ feature on my iPhone. The issue is: live photos of dogs are just too damn cute! They’re ridiculous! But they can’t be easily worked with in my preferred program, Aperture, and they can’t be cropped or edited with any program that I know of. And I don’t want to offload them from my phone until I know what I’m going to do with them, so for now you’ll have to put up with another corgi.

Oh no, I hear you wailing, not another corgi! That will surely be one corgi too many! No, trust me on this, you will like this guy. He is the happiest thing on sand. And there are a lot of things on sand, including about a third of San Francisco. Or Sand Francisco. (About 1/3 of which is ‘Sand’, so I guess that makes sense, right?)

Blue Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi With Eyes Closed, Concentrating On Being Petted

Expressions from the sublime…

Blue Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi Looking Goofily Delighted While Being Petted

…to the hilarious.

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6 Responses to Dog of the Day: Blue Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi

  1. Sandy says:

    Never too many corgis! I guess I haven’t thought about it much because I don’t see too many corgis in person, but I think this is the first corgi I’ve seen with a tail! Perhaps the breed standard is a docked tail? Anyways, this corgi and the others are just marvelous. Thanks for the photos!!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Cardies — Cardigan Welsh Corgies — always (barring misfortune) have tails, as Rose Marie mentions below. Also as she mentions, a lot of them in the US get their tails docked, though that’s illegal now in the UK. However, a lot of Pembrokes also have the no-tail gene, so a lot of them don’t need to have them docked.

      The theory was that, being so low to the ground and herding cattle, their tails would get stepped on by cows an awful lot, hence the docking. However, it kind of leaves open the question of why the Cardies, who are only a little bigger, got to keep their tails. Seems quite unfair, somehow.

  2. Rose Marie says:

    Cardigan corgis are the larger of the two corgi breads and don’t ever have their tails docked – Pembroke corgis usually have the tails docked but not always – never in the UK anymore. And, Adam, corgis are the best dog ever!! Thanks for all the corgi pictures!!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Ah, a corgi expert! But did you know that a lot of Pembrokes don’t need their tails docked, because they are born without? Seems hardly fair, doesn’t it? The human race is finally getting less apt to chop bits off of them for no reason, which is certainly nice, but they STILL don’t get to have tails.

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