Dog of Puerto Vallarta: Puppy

Ahem. Yes. Well. You may have noticed a certain lack of posting out of me over the weekend. This is not because the resort we went to didn’t have internet, or anything like that. No, it is more because I am a lazy person wot is lazier than a lazy Susan.

On the up side, I did get a few dog pictures while I was down in Puerto Vallarta. Including a number of this guy, who was tied up outside the ticket booth of a gymnasium, and was doing his best to greet all comers in high style.

By the way, your humble correspondent has an exclusive story: it is kind of hot and muggy in Puerto Vallarta but it is still pretty nice. And the dogs there are cute.

Little Beagle Mix Puppy

Before you say anything: he had plenty of access to shade, and a water bowl. He was out in the sun because he wanted to be.

Little Beagle Mix Puppy

Slight puppy head tilt.

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