Dog of Puerto Vallarta: Doberman Pinscher

I ran into a retired gentleman from the USA while wandering the streets of Puerto Vallarta. He had a very aggressive-looking Doberman, who immediately solicited scratches from me. Apparently he is super-friendly except when he is defending his front door.

He (the gentleman, not the Doberman) was full of praise for the medical system in Mexico, and in Puerto Vallarta in particular. I am not really sure how well it serves poor people in Mexico, but apparently it serves relatively rich US expatriates really well, certainly better than the US one does. Interestingly enough, I found out (by word of mouth, not by any personal need, thank goodness) that pharmacies there tend to have their own physicians on staff, and you can consult with them for free if you buy your prescriptions from that pharmacy. As a coworker of mine noted, this sounds like a great idea until you actually think about it for a few seconds at which point it sounds like a terrible idea.

Happy Doberman Pinscher

Everyone told me I’d see dozens of dogs if I walked down to Puerto Vallarta. I feel a bit cheated, to be honest. Although the ones I did see were pretty awesome.

Smiling Doberman Pinscher Being Petted By The Photographer

Happy Doberman smile.

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