Dog of the Day: Miss Elle the Saint Bernard

Say hello to Miss Elle (pronounced ‘L’) the 5-year-old Saint Bernard. I ran into her when I was visiting Pets Unlimited two weekends ago to get some kitty pictures. I was worried, since I’m used to thinking of Saturday vet hours as being for emergencies only. But mom said she was just there for ‘routine maintenance’, so that’s good.

Only 25 more days until my six year blogoversary. That is 49 in dog years, and roughly 3,500 in blog years. (Most blogs last around six weeks.) I feel like I ought to celebrate somehow. Any suggestions?

Saint Bernard Face

Look at that face. 1000% excess schnozzlage, with extra added slobbration!

Saint Bernard, Grinning

If you look closely you can see the drool splotches on the floor.

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