Dog of the Day: Zoe the Miniature English Bulldog

So apparently miniature English bulldogs are A Thing™. Or, at least, Zoe is a thing, and Zoe’s mom said that Zoe is a miniature English bulldog (3.5 years old). Thus, by induction, we can determine that cheese is delicious. And that Zoe is adorable, whether or not she looks like a French bulldog with floppy ears.

Fawn Miniature English Bulldog Sticking Very Wide Tongue Out

Zoe is, in addition to being a miniature English bulldog, a silly. With a very wide tongue.

Fawn Miniature English Bulldog Looking Grumpy

Zoe looks grumpy, much like regular English bulldogs. Don’t let it fool you.

Fawn Miniature English Bulldog Getting Nose All Up In The Camera's Bidness

Our first nose shot in quite some time.

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Zoe the Miniature English Bulldog

  1. bulldogtoday says:

    Lol. Zoe is a cutie! To me she looks like an English bulldog maybe mixed with something. People are constantly investing all kinds of name/terms to call dogs. AKC doesn’t recognize most of them like this. I’ve seen many miniature french bulldogs but not an English one before. I’ve got a male EB called Cash

    • Adam Lang says:

      Yeah, I haven’t heard of a miniature English in the nearly eight years since I met Zoe, so I’m guessing she’s probably just the runt of a litter. But she sure is adorable, isn’t she? I love that first picture.

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