Double Dog Day: Hound and Corgi Playing

I love watching dogs play. I could just lie down in the grass and watch them for an hour at a time. I know this, because I’ve done so.

In fact, funny story: my last telephone job interview, I took my phone out and sat in Rincon Park, under the giant bow and arrow. And watched the dogs run around and play madly, while I talked on the phone to some guy about a programming job. He paused, pretty early on, and said, ‘Uh… is that a dog barking?’ And I said, ‘Yeah,’ and didn’t volunteer any more details.

I didn’t get offered the job, but I did get to pet some dogs, and then went to work at Hipmunk anyway, so that worked out just fine.

Corgi And Hound Playing

When the floppy ears fly up above their heads it always makes them look so surprised.

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3 Responses to Double Dog Day: Hound and Corgi Playing

  1. Jennifer Noble says:

    If you like seeing dogs play, you should come to Huntington Park around 5:00PM. My one year old pug Caleb and his friend Rolly, an eight month old Frenchie, wrestle like they were in the WWF!

    • Adam Lang says:

      Hah, well, work’s out most days at 6 PM so that’s tough, but sometimes I get off early on Fridays, so maybe…

      Caleb’s totally adorable, I bet the two of them are hilarious.

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