Dog of the Day: September the Miniature Schnauzer

September in November! I could use a little more of that… specifically, I could use a little more daylight. This time of year I walk out of work at 6 PM and … it feels like I’m leaving work at 8. Which was never a favorite thing of mine to do. (And yes, San Francisco sunsets are preeeeetty early this time of year.)

So happy September! September is a 10-year-old salt and pepper miniature schnauzer, which as we all know are wont to schnauze at any opportunity. She prefers to wear her fur long, and although she is brushed quite frequently, she is still enough of a puppy that she tends to go all helter-skelter within a few hours. Doesn’t bother me: I’ve always liked that natural, wind-blown look.

Salt And Pepper Miniature Schnauzer, Untrimmed

Happy little-dog face. She was hard to photograph because every time she looked at me she wanted to give me kisses.

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