Dog of the Day: Wet Alaskan Malamute

Apparently this lovely if wet Alaskan malamute loves to swim every bit as much as your average golden retriever does. New one on me, the only malamute I ever knew well wasn’t much happier with swimming than she was with baths.

I wanted to hug this gorgeous pup on sight, but while I love dogs unreservedly, I draw the line at going around smelling like wet dog all day. Especially when it involves covering one of my favorite shirts with wet dog hair. So I petted him a lot instead. It’s a lot easier to wash your hands when you’re out wandering than it is to launder your whole wardrobe.

Slightly Wet Alaskan Malamute

Is it just me or is that tail truncated? Didn’t notice that when I took the pictures though…

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