Caturday Supplement: Grey Tiger Tabby And Friends

More Macy’s window kittens for your Caturday delectation. I like them all but the stripey/spotty kitten belly on the grey tiger tabby takes top spot for me. (Oh, by the way, have I mentioned yet this year that you can watch the Macy’s kitten-and-puppy windows live-streamed here? Because you can.)

Health insurance in this country is nuts. I and the head of HR (who also does a bunch of other stuff and is crazy busy) have between us probably spent at least two or three hours trying to convince my health insurance company that I exist. This right in the middle of a medical… situation. NnnrrrRRRRGH.

Three Grey Kittens, Including One Grey Tiger Tabby

The one on the right is pretty great too: 1/3 on the cat bed, 2/3 off, and he has a right-angle bend. And that’s comfortable.

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