Worldwide Pet News: Military Dog Retirement Act

Finally, something that Congress agreed on and Obama signed that I think we can all get behind… and wouldn’t you know it, it involves dogs! It’s a sort of military dog retirement benefits package: it seems that up until this bill (actually a Defense Authorization Act rider) that guarantees military pooches a ride home — previously they were just adopted out in the country they were serving in or required huge amounts of paperwork and special permissions (and cash) to take home — and gives first dibs on adoption rights to the people they were serving with.

Yay! Bring those puppies home! If anyone in San Francisco reads this and has brought back, or will be bringing back or adopting a military dog, I want to take some pictures! Drop a note in the comments. (Although obviously there aren’t a lot of these yet, given how tough it was up until this bill passed.)

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