Dog of the Day: Jobin the French Bulldog Puppy

When the little bunny puppy Jobin comes hip-hop-bobbin’ along, along… Jobin is an adorable French bulldog puppy who occasionally looks like a bunny. In these pictures he’s only 15 weeks old, but that was a couple months ago so he might be a bit older now. Or younger. Or cuter, though that’s hard to imagine.

Man, I get a shocking number of my pictures from Huntingdon Park dogs. I should branch out a bit, maybe? But it’s just so conveeeeeenient… just a short walk down the street from home.

Fifteen-Week-Old French Bulldog Puppy

No, really, doesn’t she look like a bunny? Especially seated this way. One like this one, with small ears.

Fifteen-Week-Old French Bulldog Puppy Face

The marbled pink-and-black nose!

Woman Holding Fifteen-Week-Old French Bulldog Puppy In Her Arms

Spotty puppybelly too.

Woman and Fifteen-Week-Old French Bulldog Puppy Staring Into Each Others' Eyes

Someone is about to get puppy-smooches.

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