Caturday Supplement: Cat-Sat Tiger Tabby Kitty

I can’t remember the name of this kitty but she’s a client of Autumn’s (along with her brother, a dog), and is the biggest sweetheart ever to purr. I went over to visit her and the pup, to take my mind off my trials and tribulations. While I was there and petting her I thought I felt a tick, so I told Autumn, “I’ll hold her down, you get the tick.” Well, the tick turned out to be a scab that had almost completely fallen off, but she didn’t even mind that I held her down… she just hung out there, looking up at me every once in a while like, “Hey, let me know when you’re about done, okay?” When I let her up, she just lay there. “Eh, no problem, I hadn’t planned to go anywhere anyway.”

I’m feeling pretty good today, better than yesterday after a few days of getting worse. I don’t know if this is going to be a steady improvement kind of situation — it sure as hell wasn’t three weeks ago — but I have my fingers crossed. Hopefully you’ll be seeing a bit more of me.

Tiger-Tabby-And-White Kitty

She’s also a gorgeous kitty with a pretty pink heart-shaped nose.

Tiger-Tabby-And-White Kitty Being Petted

Not shown: the ‘purrpurrpurr’ going on while I took this picture.

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