Dog of the Day: Cassie the Airedale Terrier

I am such a dog-stalker it is not even funny. I saw Cassie from across the street when I was walking to work, and before I crossed the street she and her dad had walked into a store and were wandering around looking at stuff. So I went in after them and cornered them and oh my goodness who would have expected to find an Airedale terrier in this store? Certainly not I!

Okay, okay. I. But what I didn’t expect was to hear that Cassie is eleven years old, because she looked maybe five, tops. I would have guessed four. Perfectly sound, and she’s still got that terrier springiness that you see in young, peppy pups. If the blog is still going in five years, I’ll have to check back with her, because I bet she still will be too.

Airedale Terrier In Shoe Store Looking Happy

Look at the fluffy leg warmers!

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