Dog of the Day: Sad-Eyed Golden Retriever

Autumn and I were having brunch at a sidewalk cafe (the better to see all the dogs go by, of course) and we heard a lot of really loud barking. Like a lot. Like a half hour of intermittent but almost painfully loud barking, and that was from all the way across the street and down the block, somewhere we couldn’t see. I finally got too curious for my own good and snuck away from the table, where I came upon this ridiculously sad-eyed golden retriever.

Someone was very, very disgruntled that mom and/or dad was in a pub and she was not, in fact, allowed into that pub. Someone has clearly been working on her ‘sad puppydog eyes’ game and is in it for the long haul. And when no one was responding to that amazingly well-polished expression, someone clearly got frustrated and tried to bring in a little more attention.

Sad-Eyed Golden Retriever Lying On The Pavement

There’re like half a dozen dog-friendly pubs within a three block radius. How hard would it have been…?

Sad-Eyed Golden Retriever Looking At The Camera

Clearly the face of a tortured soul.

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