Dog of the Day: Sadie the Golden Retriever

It’s raining golden retrievers over the last week or so, isn’t it? Well, that’s okay, they’re gorgeous dogs, whether they’re ridiculously happy-looking or turning on the sad puppydog eyes. Sadie is a lovely example of the breed, and at a year and a half old she’s quite polite. Most of the time. Which is better than some people would say of me, so I’m certainly not going to fault her for that.

Quick post today, because I just spent a surprising amount of time researching one of my old posts, for someone who has a dog who looks like she could be Nibbler’s twin sister, except for the part where she’s 8 years older than Nibbler. Come on, ‘fess up, who has been doing the doggie cloning experiments?

Golden Retriever Gazing Upward Into The Camera

I really like this one. I may spend some time erasing my leg, the leash, and the chair, and doing some tweaks and see if I can’t make it print-worthy.

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