Double Dog Day: Two Belgian Shepherds, a Malinois and a Tervuren

I first saw these two in a hurry on the way by, and snapped a couple pictures without really thinking about them. Now, looking at them more closely, I realize that they’re a matched set, together constituting half of the four-member Belgian shepherd clan: in this case, a Malinois and a Tervuren. Someone is obviously a very big fan of Belgia!*

(* Yes that is a joke. I have been known to be that dense, but not about Belgium, or indeed any country with such amazingly awesome dogs.)

Edit: Dammit, for some reason only one of the two pictures posted! Oh well, it’s fixed now.

Belgian Malinois Grinning

They didn’t react terribly well to me getting close to them, so I didn’t pet them. Alas.

Two Belgian Shepherds, A Malinois And A Tervuren, Posting

Man, they make a picturesque couple.

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