Dog of the Day: Mr Winston Augustus, the Magnificently Attired Poodle

Long-time readers probably sense my rather ambivalent attitude towards dog clothing. Sure, some of it is cute or funny, and sometimes (e.g. Italian greyhounds) it’s basically required if you don’t like hypothermia, but, well, most dogs look better without it. In my opinion, of course, but you don’t tune into this blog to read someone else’s opinion. (Or mine. You tune into this blog to look at cute dog pictures. Wait! I’m getting there!)

Now, there are some exceptions. For me, dogs in boots are just always naturally funny. And nobody ever puts boots on dogs because they want them to look cute… there’s always a good reason, so the hilarity is just a sort of fringe benefit, and one I think we all can live with. Likewise, I think we can all agree that bandanas make any dog fifteen percent more awesome. So when I ran into Mr Winston Augustus, the magnificently attired poodle (aged 6, also known as ‘Dodo’ or, believe it or not, ‘Poodle’) in his gorgeous boots I just had to take some pictures. I ran into him and his dad again about five minutes later and mentioned my theory about dog boots and bandanas to his dad, who proceeded to pull a bandana out of his backpack. Because of course he carries around a bandana. Because of course he shares my opinion. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Winston Augustus is clearly in very good hands. And, of course, shoes.

Grinning Black Standard Magnificently Attired Poodle In Red Boots

Got to admit, the high-dynamic-range setting on the iPhone is great. I would never have gotten a shot like this without it. Mind you, it only works for dogs who stand still.

Grinning Black Standard Magnificently Attired Poodle In Pink Bandana

Of course, it still doesn’t help if you don’t turn it on. Sigh.

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