Dog of the Day: Wiley the Tricolor Collie

When I think of a collie it’s always a tricolor collie. Lassie is to blame for that, I guess. Lassie, the dog with the name that meant ‘girl’, who played a boy dog on screen, but who was actually a girl. Versatile actor, cute dog, what’s not to like?

Wiley (2 years old) is pretty adorable too. And quite well-trained: he knows sit, lie down, shake, other paw, and speak, at the very least.

Man Walking Tricolor Collie On The Embarcadero In San Francisco

A lot of people like walking their dogs down the raised concrete on the Embarcadero.

Smiling Tricolor Collie Sitting

Another trick he seems to have mastered instinctively is ‘be all friendly’.

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