Dog of the Day: Husky Mix

I know I’ve seen this pup before, and I’m pretty sure he’s a husky mix, but I can’t place him at all.

Ungh, sorry, I missed a day again, but I have been shanghaied into dogsitting in the Marina for a sweetheart of a dog with absolutely no warning — the gig started yesterday evening and I got informed yesterday at around noon. That, plus the 8 AM class I’m taking (which with the dogsitting has me getting up at 6 AM), plus a couple other things, plus actual work… man. I’m wiped out.

But still. I have half an hour before I have to go to sleep, so you get a pup.

Husky Mix Dog With Blue Eye And Brown Eye Tied To No Parking Sign

I keep thinking husky Lab but the ears just aren’t right. Nor is the build, really.

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