Caturday Supplement: Little Black Kitten OF DOOM

So I dog-and-cat-sat today, for a totally adorable pair of rambunctious animals named Lucy and Wheezy. I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait a little while for pictures of the two, for terribly technical reasons (aka ‘I am too lazy to download, categorize, and edit the pictures from my phone tonight’) but you’ll see them soon. In the mean time, here is an adorable kitten I ran into at the SPCA on my last visit.

Black Kitten Lying On A Red Polkadot Bed

She watched me through the window for a while, but when it became obvious I couldn’t pet her or play with her…

Close-up Of Black Kitten Face As She Sleeps On A Red Polkadot Cat Bed

…she just put her head down and went straight to sleep.

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