(Belated) Caturday Supplement: Wheezy the Tuxedo Kitty

Six pictures of Wheezy! Wheezy is the other half of the dog-and-cat comedy duo, along with Lucy from Friday. He is is a ultra-sweet kitty who really just wants a little love, a few belly rubs, a little petting, and a lot of playing with a big peacock feather.

(Okay, okay, it’s not Caturday any more. Busy weekend.)

Tuxedo Cat Curled Up Into A Ball

He was a very easy-going cat. Took the attention when I gave it, and wandered off and curled up when I didn’t. (Despite the implications of my hovertext.)

Tuxedo Cat Lying On His Back And Showing His Tummy

Floofiest kittehbelleh in the west!

Photographer Rubbing Tummy Of Tuxedo Cat

That rare cat who doesn’t bring the claws into it when you give him a belly rub.

Photographer Rubbing Tummy Of Tuxedo Cat

Just lay there and purred.

Tuxedo Cat Looking At A Peacock Feather

Shortly after I was done cat-sitting him, he apparently completely demolished this feather.

Tuxedo Cat Looking At Camera Through Lidded Eyes

He really likes me! (Of course, he likes everybody. But still.)

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