Dog of the Day: Myka the German Shepherd Puppy

Okay, I am calling an emergency puppy day. To follow yesterday’s emergency puppy day. It has been a very, very long week, and what with the night class and the day work and all the stuff I have to do on weekends to keep up with the rest of my life, plus schoolwork over the weekends, I am beginning to wonder if I may have bitten off a wee bit more than I can chew. Time will tell.

So meet Myka, the emergency puppy. She was 9 weeks old when these pictures were taken, and she had the most hilarious case of ‘bed ears’ that you have ever seen.

Man Holding Adorable 9-Week-Old German Shepherd Puppy

He had just gotten her a few days before these pictures were taken.

Blep! German Shepherd Puppy Sticking Her Tongue Out At The Camera

The ears. The feets. The tongue. OMG I JUST CANNOT EVEN.

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