Dog of the Day: Biscuit the Australian Cattle Dog/Fox Terrier

Autumn and I were sitting out in front of one of the many sidewalk cafes in our neighborhood, minding our own business, when we were assaulted by this vicious fellow. Look into his eyes! Can’t you just see his feral nature?

Okay, okay. He licked us. Repeatedly. And also attempted to get his nose into my backpack, and borrow some of our brunch. And when his mom wanted to leave, he wanted to stay with us. Super-sweet pup.

Three more pictures, including one super-goofy (if slightly out of focus) pic, after the break.

Australian Cattle Dog/Fox Terrier Mix

Oooh, man, this guy would be a handful. Totally hyper. But he loves everyone, including other dogs, and is happy to share that love, so I'm sure he's well worth the effort.

Fox Terrier/Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Same dog, different position, same expression. He only has one mood, but he wears it well.

Half Australian Cattle Dog, Half Fox Terrier

That is not a bite. That is a certified dog-nibble. And it's what happens when you stick your finger in a dog's mouth.

Half Fox Terrier, Half Australian Cattle Dog

Look at that face. How could anyone possibly stay mad at that face?

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2 Responses to Dog of the Day: Biscuit the Australian Cattle Dog/Fox Terrier

  1. Tim says:

    Omg. Looks the same as my dog. I wish I could post a pic

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